What is the Cohort System?

  • Updated

The Cohort System is a scheme meant to identify our PlanetWatchers based on the period in which they purchased their license and which license type. 

Based on the license that you own, you will be able to join the following Cohorts:

  • Lifetime licenses qualify for the Prehistoric Age Cohort (new name for the Early Bird Cohort);
  • Non-lifetime licenses bought until 1st January 2022 qualify for the Old Age Cohort (aka 2021 waiting list);
  • Licenses bought from 2nd January 2022 to 30th June 2022 qualify for the Middle Age Cohort (aka 2022 waiting list);
  • Licenses bought from 1st July 2022 onwards qualify for the New Age Cohort.

All license types are eligible for this program, including Type 4.


Each cohort membership will grant you a NFT cohort badge.


Along with your cohort badge, you will receive discounts, merchandise, and additional advantages.

The status of the license – active or inactive – also plays a role in determining the set of perks awarded.




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