Cohort Badges

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1st picture - Prehistoric Age | 2nd picture - Old Age | 3rd picture - Middle Age | 4th picture - New Age


All the licenses already activated and not activated will be able to redeem their Cohort Badges.

Each cohort has a corresponding Tamagotchi-style character and a set of background elements that resemble the Age in which the license was bought (Prehistoric, Old, Middle and New).

The NFT variations are related to the type of license (color) and the license duration (number of leaves).

➤ Type of license

Type 1 - Blue

Type 2 - Yellow

Type 3 - Pink

Type 4 - Grey

➤ License duration

1 year license - One leaf 

2 year license - Two leaves 

3 year license - Three leaves

Lifetime license - Ivy leaf

The cohort NFTs are a sort of ID to authenticate you and unlock special perks throughout time - discounts, merchandise, and additional advantages. 

Keep in mind that the status of the license – active or inactive – also plays a role in determining the set of benefits awarded.

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