How to subscribe to the Loyalty Program and redeem the Cohort badge NFT and the discount NFTs

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In order to redeem your Cohort and discount NFTs you first need to log in or Sign up in the Explorer.

If you have not already verified your wallet, click on the “MyWallets” section in the Explorer left side menu.

  • Click on the “Connect wallet” button and on “Open Pera Wallet” ;
  • Connect you Wallet with Pera Web or Pera Mobile ;

→ you can learn how to import your wallet in the Pera Wallet website in this article

  • Select the wallet that you want to connect and then sign an empty transaction as requested ;
  • Your wallet is now connected.

In the left side menu click on the “MyLicense” section:

  • Select the license you want to enroll for the Loyalty Program and click on “Claim Loyalty Perks

➤ For the Type 1 licenses not active in the Old and Middle Age you first need to select your preferred option between:

Option 1: Bundle discount NFT

Option 2: Separated discount NFT

  • A summary of the perks you are entitled to receive will be displayed in the pop-up. Read and Accept the T&C and click onSelect wallet”;
  • Connect your wallet by inserting your Pera Wallet password and click on your wallet address. If you want to connect a new wallet click on “Wallet connected” ;
  • Click on "Get NFT(s)", insert your Pera Wallet password and wait until the NFT(s) are sent in your wallet. 
  • Your NFT(s) will be available in the "MyCollectibles" section of the Explorer.

→ You can learn how to redeem your cohort discount voucher(s) in this article.


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