How can I apply 100 PW:Credits to the discount NFTs?

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In order to apply the 100 PW:Credits to your Cohort discount voucher, you need to:

  • Select the “MyCollectibles” section, in the left side menu of the Explorer
  • In the top tabs, click on “Membership” in order to see all the NFT(s) related to the Loyalty Program that you redeemed and that are associated with the wallets that you added in the “Wallet” section

!! Make sure to connect the wallet where you’ve received the Cohort discount NFTs. You can see the wallet(s) connected in the right top side of the MyCollectibles page and in the Wallet section of the Explorer. 

Moreover, make sure that you have 100 PW:Credits in the wallet, in order to increase your Cohort discount voucher.

  • Click on the “Redeem NFT” button of the discount NFT(s) that you want to redeem for a discount voucher
  •  Accept the T&C and click on “Yes”.
  • Select the TEA e-commerce where you wish to apply your voucher in (based on your choice it will be issued in € or $ accordingly):
  • Choose Yes - “Redeem Pro discount” you want to use 100:PWCredit to increase the value of your discount voucher of 95€/100$. 
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