How to install and activate the Turtle sensor

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Turtle instructions manual

Fast Guide:

1. Unbox and open a ticket on the support page (select "Turtle activation")
2. On the App, add the Algo wallet in which you wish to receive your rewards
3. Position the device and phone near your router
4. Switch on the Turtle
5. On the App, select your Type 2 device and follow the instructions that will pop-up

Detailed Guide:

Step 1:

Unbox the Turtle and open a ticket on the support page (select "Turtle activation") before starting the onboarding. You should state the device ID that will be connected to your account (the number can be found on the silver sticker at the bottom of the device - e.g. S/N TURTLE 123). As soon as this ticket is answered/confirmed, your device is ready for onboarding.

Step 2:

Log in to the PlanetWatch App using your account credentials, then add the Algo wallet to which you want to connect your device. On overview, pick the “Wallets” tab on the bottom. Once you are on the wallet overview, if the wallet is not already onboarded, click the top right “+” icon.

You will be prompted to enable biometric authorization. If you decline, you can activate it by pressing “Ok” or preceding with “Not now” to skip this step.

Now you can choose between creating a new wallet (make sure to safely store the 25-word keyphrase and never share it anywhere or with anyone), or recovering a passphrase from an existing wallet (by pasting a 25-word keyphrase string).

For easy identification in the App give a customized name to that wallet.

(The reason to add your wallet to the App now instead of during the onboarding process is so in case something goes wrong you do not have to redo every step.)

Step 3:
Position the Turtle close to the Wi-Fi router that you want to connect it with. Unlock your phone, activate Bluetooth, and stay near the device.

Step 4:
Switch on your device by flicking the silver switch on the bottom. It will first light up steady for 2 seconds on LEDs 2, 3 and 4, and then will start to blink fast on LEDs 2, 3 and 4 showing it is ready for onboarding.

Step 5:
Open the "Sensors" tab on the PlanetWatch App. Once you are there, press the top right “+” icon to show your available licenses. 

Select your Type 2 license. A card will appear telling you to “choose sensors”. Pick the Turtle you wish to onboard (if it was not greenlighted - see step 1).

Next, it shows “choose account” and you have to pick the wallet (if no wallet shows, it was not connected - see step 2)

After that, it will transition to “set sensor location” and show a map. You should drag the map in the background to precisely mark the spot (roughly estimated) where the device is located. Once you think the tip of the blue marker is fine, confirm by clicking on the button “set location” at the bottom.

Now you are prompted with the window “summary”, where three details will be listed:
1) the license you picked
2) the device you are onboarding
3) the wallet (by the name you gave it) that will be connected

Check one last time if all of the items above are correct. If everything is there, click the button “proceed” at the bottom.

A pop-up window will appear: “Please wait, this could take up to 2 minutes…”

Step 6
If everything is working right, it will show “License added successfully”. You should now press the button “Set-up sensor Wi-Fi”. 

After you associate the license with your sensor and enter the location, by clicking the "Wi-Fi sensor set-up" button, a window will open and you will be asked to enter your WiFi SSID (your Wifi connection name) and your Wifi password.

Enter the information and then click on "Confirm".

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the connection your device to your local Network.

Click on OK and then again on Ok and your Turtle will be now connected to the PlanetWatch Network.

Step 7
In the “Set-up Turtle Sensor” menu, you will see your phone searching for the Turtle (remember phone and Turtle must be near the router). Once your phone finds the Turtle, select it. A pop-up will open asking you for confirmation to connect to it - press “Ok”. It will again attempt to establish a stable Bluetooth connection (initially it is just searching for available devices) and show a progress window.

If you have trouble at this stage you should try to switch the Turtle off for 1 minute and restart the PlanetWatch App. The device might have been idle in set-up mode for too long.

Once it has done the direct connection, you can choose between the top button manual set-up or under it there will be a section to select Wi-Fi, wait a moment until it loads all the Wi-Fi networks in your area, and then pick yours. There, enter your password and press “confirm“.

You will get a small loading screen telling you that it is being set-up. After this, a message stating “Your sensor is now fully configured” will show. Press “Ok”.

A new pop-up window will appear informing you that “The sensor can take some time to reconnect to your network. Please wait one hour before checking the status of the connection again”.

Press “Ok” and you will be finished with the onboarding process.

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