How to activate the IN5 sensor

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  1. Own a Type 4 license
  2. Import or create a wallet in the PlanetWatch App

Detailed Guide:

Make sure that:

  • you keep your IN5 near to you;
  • the power supply is plugged in;
  • Your phone is connected with your WiFi.

⚠️ Please note that the IN5 works only with the 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Step 1:

Log in or Sign Up to the PlanetWatch App. 

Open the "Sensors" tab on the PlanetWatch App. Once you are there, press the top right “+” icon to show your available licenses. 

Select your Type 4 license. A card will appear telling you to “Choose sensors”. Pick the "TeraBee In5".

Step 2:

The PlanetWatch App will ask you to grant permission to use the camera in order to scan your IN5 SN.

Grant the permission and scan with your camera the QR code located on a tag on the back of the sensor.

⚠️ Make sure that there's enough light when you are scanning the QR code. If your phone can’t scan the QR code, you can go back to the previous step and choose "Manual Entry". You will need to write your IN5 SN available on the back of your sensor or on the label on the side of your IN5 box (ex. 123ccc4c123).

Step 3:

You will be prompted with the window “Add sensor”, where your IN5 sensor SN will be displayed. Click on “Proceed” and choose the wallet where you want to activate the sensor.

After that, it will transition to “Set sensor location” and show a map. You should drag the map in the background to precisely mark the spot (roughly estimated) where the device is located. Once you think the tip of the blue marker is fine, confirm by clicking on the button “set location” at the bottom.

Step 4:

Now you will be prompted with the window “Summary”, where three details will be listed:

1) the license you picked

2) the device you are onboarding

3) the wallet (by the name you gave it) that will be connected

Check one last time if all of the items above are correct. If everything is there, click the button “Proceed” at the bottom.

A pop-up window will appear: “Please wait, this could take up to 2 minutes…” until the license will be added successfully. In the pop-up click on “Setup Sensor WiFi”.

Step 5:

It will transition to the window asking you to insert your Wifi SSID (the name of your Wifi connection) and your Wifi Password. Insert the information and then click on “Confirm”.

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the connection your device to your local Network. Click on OK and then again on Ok and your IN5 will be now connected to the PlanetWatch Network. 

⚠️ If you need to change the WiFi associated with your IN5 you can:

  • select the Sensor tab and then the indoor tab;
  • click on your IN5 sensor;
  • click on the three dots in the right corner of the screen and select Setup WiFi
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