What is the IN5 sensor?


The IN5 is the newest Type 4 indoor air quality monitoring. Indoor air quality is vital for people’s health but it is often overlooked. So much so that the World Health Organization estimates that 2.4 billion people are exposed to dangerous levels of household air pollution. 

For this reason, we encourage you to monitor the air you and your family breathe indoors. Our new reliable Type 4 device will make this possible.

Plus, monitoring the air you breathe is easy, thanks to a color changing LED on the device


Measurements:Air temperature; Air humidity; Carbon Dioxide; Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC); PM 2.5

Power supply:USB-C cable with a power interchangeable adapter for all the main socket types.

Rewards: As stipulated in the White Paper, you will be rewarded for data streams sent to PlanetWatch.

Data security: Data is sent directly from the device to PlanetWatch with no third-party servers Involved. All data is encrypted. 

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