Perks for not active Type 4 licenses (Type 4 licenses in waiting list)

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All the Type 4 licenses not active will be able to redeem their Cohort Badges.

 →You can learn more about the Cohort Badges in this article

 → You can check to which cohort you belong on our website in the Cohort Info page


Here you can find the additional perks for the Type 4 licenses in Old and Middle Age Cohorts.


PlanetWatchers joining theOld or Middle Age Cohorts with a Type 4 license which is currently inactive are entitled to:


  • 1 NFT which can be redeemed for discounts worth 105€/100$– only applicable when buying the IN5 on TEA Group’s e-commerce store.

Holders of PW:Credit tokens can use them during the redemption process of the cohort discounts to increase their chosen discount by an additional 95€/100$.


💡If you had previously bought a TEA device discount voucher and did not use it, you can submit a ticket and claim a refund to get 100 PW:Credits back. 


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