How to join the Hodler Program?

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In order to join the Hodler Program, you need to:

  • login or Sign Up in the Explorer.
  • in the left Menu, select the “MyWallet”' section and add or choose a staking wallet. Once you choose it the label “Staking Wallet” will appear under the selected wallet

→ You can learn how to add a wallet in this article. (create FAQ add a Wallet with Valerio video)

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💡 Please note that you can add or choose the wallet that you prefer for the staking. It can be the wallet that you are using for your sensors, a new wallet created just for staking or a Ledger Wallet.

The only two rules are:

  • You can’t use a wallet associated with a different account ;
  • You can use only one wallet .

Once you have selected the wallet you want to use, click on the “Hodler Program” section in the left Menu of the Explorer and click on “Add/Modify


  • Select the sensor(s) that you want to add to the Hodler Program and for each one select the tier 

→ You can learn more about the balance requirements for each tier in this article


💡 Under each sensor you will see a label indicating the status of your sensor (eligible, not eligible, last eligible) based on the requirements needed to join the Hodler Program

→ You can learn more about the requirements needed to join the Hodler Program in this article 


  • Once you have selected the sensor(s) and the tier(s), click on the “Confirm” button. Remember to make sure that you have the balance needed in your staking wallet



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