How can I change/update the WiFi associated with my Turtle sensor?

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  1. For the entire process make sure your phone has bluetooth activated and is connected to the new Wifi, and you keep the Turtle sensor and your phone both close to the router you want to change the WiFi to.
  2. Switch the Turtle sensor off, then press and hold the black button “P” under the Turtle, while switching it on and let go after all LED’s lighted up. The Turtle sensor is now in provisioning mode and you can continue with the next step in the PlanetWatch app.

If you want to change/update the WiFi associated with your Turtle you need to:

  • Select the Sensor tab and then the Outdoor tab;
  • Click on your Turtle sensor;
  • Click on the three dots in the right corner of the screen and select Setup WiFi;
  • Enter your Wifi SSID (your Wifi connection name) and your Wifi password;
  • Enter the information and then click on "Confirm".
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