Who can join the Hodler Program?

  • Updated

All PlanetWatchers operating a device connected to PlanetWatch’s network can participate in the staking program.

However PlanetWatchers who will receive a license refund on or after November 15, 2022 will NOT be allowed to join the Hodler Bonus Program.

Participation in this bonus program will be based on devices meeting some eligibility conditions. To begin with, each Hodler device must fulfil the following criteria, which will be checked on a daily basis:

  • Qualifying device
    A qualifying device is one that transmits more than 50% of the expected daily data streams and complies with all PlanetWatch device placement rules.
  • Lead device (applies to Type 1 and Type 2 devices only)
    In each pixel, the Type 1 device with the highest Local Reputation Score enjoys the status of lead Type 1 device. Likewise, the 5 Type 2 devices with the highest Local Reputation Score are the lead Type 2 devices.
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