Which are the balance requirements for each tier?

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You can pick one of the different tiers for each participating device:  Diamond, Gold, or Silver.

These are subject to a minimum Planet balance in the staking wallet that you must assure at all times from the moment you join the program.

Balance requirements are specified in the table below:


The higher the amount of Planets staked, the bigger the bonus.

Participating devices will be entitled to a number of bonus distribution shares per day according to the table below:


The daily bonus budget of one million Planets will then be split across the total number of distribution shares and allocated to eligible devices based on the ‚Äčnumber of shares held. 

The maximum distribution of a share is limited to 38 Planets - e.g.: a Diamond Type 1 device owner will get a maximum of 1.330 bonus Planets per day (35 shares x 38 Planets).


If the collective shares are not using the total daily budget of one million Planets, the unspent number of Planets will be burned.

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