Ambient Migration Announcement

Dear PlanetWatchers, 

In recent months, we've been quietly collaborating with a group of investors looking for ways to improve the management of the PlanetWatch air quality network. Until recently, Planetwatch had been in charge of the management of the sensor network, the deployer community, and also of the data analysis and commercialization. We made a decision to focus on the data side of the project and to find a new home for the network and the community.

For this reason, PlanetWatch reached an agreement with the Ambient Foundation, to take over the sensor network and community management. I strongly encourage you to review this blog post on the future it represents.


Please rest assured that your PLANETS and your licenses, including inactive ones, will be generously rewarded by Ambient, so I encourage you to hold both your tokens and licenses pending further announcements from Ambient.


Ambient will unveil more details about their plans in the coming weeks, and I'm confident you'll embrace this project wholeheartedly. With your support, Ambient's bold aspirations will offer familiar yet revitalized opportunities to propel the network to new horizons.


Please visit the below links for continued access and support of your devices during this transition period: 


Please join these channels to follow Ambient progress and communications:


I encourage you to keep following PlanetWatch’s own X/Twitter channel for exciting updates on its forthcoming data focus. We are here to stay and we will announce some projects soon.


It's been a great honor for me to set up the project and lead the Planetwatcher community until today. Now Planetwatch, the company led by me, remains deeply committed to the project's goals on the data valorisation side. At the same time, I truly believe that the agreement with Ambient will make the network grow again and deliver value to all participants.



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