The PlanetWatch Wearable App works with iOS, but doesn’t send us data when it's in the background and it can affect the Planets you earn.



  • Dennis Boboc

    My Algo wallet address on my PW Wearable App is not the same address as my Algo Wallet app address. I have no idea how to change it so my rewards are going into the correct app. I only ever setup one Algo wallet.. I downloaded 3 apps. The Algo Wallet, the PlanetWatch Wearable and the PlanetWatch Sas. I'm using an Android phone. I'm not sure which apps to use and which I don't need. Can you please help me figure this out? Thank you

  • guido schirrmeister

    I can't log in at and I can't reset my password. I am not receiving any mail.


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