Here you can find a guide to export your Algorand Wallet.



  • Jeeperaaron

    Here you will not find a guide on how to export your planets to another algorand wallet. Beginning to think you don't want us to.

  • Parabolicbb

    Here is the link to step by step instructions on how to export your Algorand Wallet.

    Below is a copy/paste of the instructions you will find at the above link:

    • Download the official Algorand App for Android or iOS;
    • Click on “Add wallet” and then on “Recover from Passphrase“;
    • Write all the 25 words, with spaces, generated when you linked your sensor to the PlanetWatch App;
    • Click on “Verify

    It is really simple and it worked for me.  It seems like the "wallet" in the Planetwatch app is not really a wallet; it's just an account.  This account must be "exported" to a real wallet in order to get the tokens out.  You created an Algorand account when you linked your sensor to the Planetwatch app.  This newly downloaded wallet will be able to "see" that account after you type your passphrase in as instructed and click Verify.  Apparently this is what they mean by "exporting" the account.  BTW you can use several other Algorand wallets, not just the one mentioned.



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