If the PlanetWatch Wearable App shows you “Reconnecting”, you need to be sure to have followed these steps:

-   Put the “Always on” mode in the Atmotube App particulate settings

(In the Atmotube App click on Settings-> particulate matter ->mode -> Always on);

-   Stop the Atmotube App before you open the PlanetWatch Wearable App;

-   Keep the PlanetWatch Wearable App always open. Only on Android devices you can keep it always open but in the background.


If the previous steps don’t solve the problem, you can try to:


-   Move away from other devices (e.g. routers);

-   Place the Atmotube PRO 2/3 meters away from you;

-   Change the date and time of your device:

-   Restart your device.


If the previous steps don’t solve the problem, be sure to check your phone settings for:


-   battery optimization;

-   screen limitation (night mode, eye care, blue light filter);

-  GPS limitation;

-   Wi-Fi limitation



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