23.04 is the daily maximum rewards amount of the Type 4 sensors,  but the amount of your rewards depends on the number of streams that you sent us the previous day.

Remember that, if you use iOS, the PlanetWatch doesn’t work in the background and it can affect your rewards.



  • Inna Andronyk

    I have a type 4 sensor, and it has been about 3 months after registration, but I do not receive daily rewards, can you tell me what is wrong with my sensor?

  • matthew beccari

    me too!

  • Matthiasbecker87

    mee too. Day 1 only 8 Planets and Day 2 then 9 planets. On Day 3 is got 11 Planets. Setup is completed and with your description (Working good) Stream is every 60 Minutes like the community told. Support told me that every 2 Minutes should be a stream? Who know more? :-) 

  • Faheem


    Is it a way to send data from Atmotube manually to PlanetWatch as they my devices are not sending data streams.  They are online 24/7 but one device is sending only 82 streams yesterday and the second one sent 182 instead of 720.  No support is shown in this regard !



  • Stleung1723

    Since starting the sensors on Jan 20, 2022, I have only received 2 rewards 1 on Jan 25, 2022 and 1 on Jan 30, 2022. 

    Device ID:



  • Helio Cardoso

    You can check how many streams your sensors have actually sent to PlanetWatch by going to this webpage - https://explorer.planetwatch.io/#/

    Sign in on that page and then go to the top right corner on the blue icon with a letter on it. Click on there, then click on "MySensors".

    Then you must select your sensor, which is just below the white search bar. After that you should see more info on the left hand-side menu. There you have a field named "Last day streams count", your device streams count should be there.


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