We overlay upon the Earth a grid of rectangular pixels. Every Pixel has a size of 0.72 km2 (0.278 sq. mi.). Pixels are classified according to a 2-tier system:

  • Tier 1: Areas with high population density
  • Tier 2: Rest of the world

The classification is based on worldwide population density data made available by the European Commission under its Global Human Settlement Layer.

Tier 1 pixels are those where the population density is estimated at 2,000 inhabitants per square kilometer or more.
The reward pool for outdoor sensors (Type 1 and 2) is further split across pixel tiers (70% for Tier 1 and 30% for Tier 2). 




    Please provide overlay or link to population density for UK

  • Scott Winchester

    The overlay gives preferential status to the locations at the center of a neighborhoods population density. That is where rich white people live. My neighborhood is largely Native Americans who live on the edge of the residential area by the industrial area. Why cant we be tier one as well? Our density adds to the overall density to a location at the center of the pixel, so why doesnt their density add to ours? Its racist and elitest


    I agree but please, where is it ?

    Where can I find it and an accurate prediction of my tier ?

  • Scott Winchester

    Hi James

    You can find your pixel if you google planetwatch map



    Thank you for your reply and directions.
    When I get to the map it shows an overlay of squared lines but no discernible information re my location or any other for that matter.
    Did you have a different experience?
    I just want to know in advance what my Tier will be, and the predicted earnings.  In advance of purchasing a top line outdoor sensor. 
    I don't have enough cash to be philanthropic.  

  • Scott Winchester

    When I zoom in to my neighboorhood, on the right hand side there's a button you can toggle to show the tier 1 areas in purple

  • Rida Chamseddine

    I don't think the areas are marked accurately.

    I see a square where only villas are purple (T1), the adjacent square where high residential buildings is not marked.

    This is totally counterintuitive if we consider T1 based on population in that square!


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