To be part of the PlanetWatch you need a license and an approved sensor.

We sell 4 license Types.


Each license Type refers to a corresponding approved sensor.

If you want to learn more about the license system, you can read this blog post 

At the moment, our approved sensor are 4:

  • Type 1 sensor: Airqino
  • Type 2 Arianna from Wiseair
  • Type 3 Sensedge Mini from Kaiterra 
  • Type 4 Atmotube PRO from Atmotube and Element from AWAIR



  • Adesimmons1

    I would like to pay via credit card only payment option is to pay with Plaet tokens via Blemis is an option. How can I pay via credit card from the US? I submitted 2 tickets yesterday. One says resolved but I have yet to receive any correspondence from Planet Watch. Looking forward to contributing to this interesting project! Thanks in advance.

  • Jaresiah Desrosiers

    I'd like to buy 2 type 4 licenses. I have two Awair Elements that just arrived and I would like to get set up with Planet Watch.

  • Admin Fr

    I purchased a previously purchased Awair Element (on leboncoin).  I have also purchased a Type 4 License.  But I cannot associate the license with the device.  The device does not show up when the process logs into the awair accounts site.  I have a support ticket open now for 9 days with no response.   

    The Element is functioning in my Awair Home app, providing data and notifications... but it does not show up when I try to license it.

    Can you provide some guidance here perhaps ?  

  • Md Tapon Mahamud Jony

    I took a tier 3 license 5 days ago. When I will be able to order a type 3 sensor?

    Expert, please advise.


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