As mentioned in the White Paper, the Tier system is based on the worldwide population density data made available by the European Commission under its Global Human Settlement Layer (you can learn more about it here

 Tier distribution may be reviewed in the future.


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  • haydenb

    Is there any acceptance for being immediately outside of a Tier 1 area? To be specific, half of my street is Tier 1 and I am in the square area immediately adjacent to the Tier 1 areas... I could have a conversation with someone in the Tier 1 area without having to scream for them to hear me. Ironically, this Tier 1 half of the street has no residents. The Tier 2 end of the street is my huge apartment complex. I also know it depends on the population in the square area and I believe the area I am in probably has a higher residential population than the neighboring Tier 1 area. Is there any way to verify the map?


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