• You are allowed to deploy 2 Atmotube PROs if at least one of the two travels in the day and they are not in the same location more than 70% of the time;
  • You are not allowed to deploy 2 Atmotube PRO static in the same household.ù




  • Ozerdur

    Somehow, my awair element is  added as atmotube pro. Is there a way to fix that?

  • Alexander

    Same issue, how to fix this ? Can you simply redefine the current license to element again? But I’m sure i did not choose atomtube. But App was hanging quite a long time , maybe something went wrong during this? Later today I saw there was an update to the app fixing issues with element registration? But this update wasn’t installed while I started with element

  • smartin

    I have an Awair at my home and I got now an Atmotube. I'm considering to place the Atmotube in the house of a friend of mine and start using it as stationary. This way I would have 2 type 4 sensors (1 awair and 1 atmotube) in my account, both stationary, but in different locations. Is this allowed? I mean, if I have a single Type 4 in one location, but it's an Atmotube (wearable), can it be stationary? I would say yes but in the article it doesn't mention that case, only describes the scenarios with 2 sensors, so it would be nice to make this more clear.


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