You should not think of PlanetWatch as a “mining” project. In a typical crypto mining project, i.e. bitcoin mining, users can use any piece of hardware as long as it can run the right algorithm. You can build mining farms, the more units you connect, the more money you can make and there is no way to cheat. 


PlanetWatch is something different. PlanetWatch is a global environmental monitoring project based on Big Data, with incentives for data contributors. We give incentives via PLANETS tokens to those who commit to sending us meaningful data from which we can extract scientific as well as business value. Unfortunately, this commitment can be broken by people who try to cheat. Unlike bitcoin mining farms, which are ok, building PlanetWatch sensor farms is cheating, because this type of data is not useful, so if you send us “farm” data and get PLANETS in return, this is the same as buying food in a shop with a fake dollar bill. Unfortunately, in a large community you always get some people who try to cheat, and we want to get rid of them. 


Before the introduction of KYC, if you were a PlanetWatch cheater, you could set up a sensor farm and earn PLANETS until we found out. When we find out, we ban your sensors. However, you could create a new email address and essentially start all over again. Now with KYC, if we find that someone is cheating, we are able to ban the person, not just the sensors. 


PlanetWatch is about trust between people, if you breach our trust relationship, you get banned as a person.



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