The general rule is that you can’t deploy multiple sensors of the same Type in the same household.



  • dmianowski

    Is it acceptable to deploy multiple sensors of the same type in a single office building, such as several Type 3 sensors in different wings or on different floors?

  • Preludemd

    Can I deploy multiple airqino sensors in multiple locations, IE, different households, but I own them and they all pay to my wallet?

  • SanchezC137

    Can I have 5 type 4 sensors and 5 type 3 sensors in different households? Or am I only allowed to own 5 TOTAL licenses? I purchased my 6 licenses prior to the new rule change of only 5 per person…

  • Mihai Ilie Boranescu

    If i have 2 type4 awair element , can deploy one at my home and one to my neighbor at a distance of 500m ?

  • sander werkman

    as long as the sensors are not breathing the same air and sent PW the same data than your not braking the rules.. you can have on in your car with an extra battery... i have one in my mancave in the garage where i use an oil heater have a welding machine  work on cars and smook long as your not collecting  double or tripple the planets for the same date than its no cheating;)



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