Only one email address is allowed for each person completing the KYC. If you currently have more than one email account registered with PlanetWatch, later on we will indicate a procedure to “merge” them. 


Our KYC process uses a third-party service provider which specialises in the processing of personal data. It is a French company called Synaps. They work for a number of companies, in particular for several crypto entities, such as Bitfinex and Polkadot. 


They are responsible for storing securely KYC personal data on their servers located in Europe. 

They are also responsible for implementing modifications asked by users. Under European privacy regulations (GDPR), you have the possibility to seek modifications or erasal of your personal data. In compliance with this, Synaps would do that upon demand.

Please note that on the blockchain we only store non-sensitive information, e.g. approximate position (for outdoor sensors – no way to extract exact installation address), and scientific data. 

Obviously, no personal data is written on the blockchain. It would be crazy and illegal to do that, as you cannot modify or erase blockchain data. 

Also, obviously, our data products will NOT include personal data. In other words, we will never sell personal data without your consent.



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