In order to activate a license, you first need to have imported at least one wallet in the Wallets Section.


If your sensor is already active, you have to import the wallet associated with your sensor.


Pay attention: all wallets are stored securely in your smartphone. If you logout and login with different emails, all wallets are cleared. PlanetWatch has no access to your wallets.


For Type 1, Type 2 and Atmotube PRO (Type 4) sensors: select your device, your wallet and enter location details. Clicking on the “proceed” button your sensor and license NFTs will be created.


Type 3: KAITERRA Sensedge Mini instructions


Type 4: Awair Element instructions


The activation process can take up to two minutes, please wait patiently without pressing any buttons on your phone.


Following the NFT creation you can go to the wallet section and you must click on “Add PLANET asset”.



  • Tpatelzick

    I have successfully onboarded 7 Awair Elements. I tried to onboard my 8th Awair and the planetwatch app seems to glitch. The sensor is connected to the Awair app and the app is reading the data. When I try and connect it to my Planetwatch app, it doesnt work. I have the type 4 license, and choose "awair element." It then prompts me to "choose my awair element." When I click on this it prompts me to log in via my Awair email and password. I do this but it sends me back to the "Choose my awair element" which I click again. Thisnu sends me back to the Awair element sign in again. This process continues. Why wont the planetwatch app locate my device?

  • Bimen

    I can't register enter or access to PlanetWatch app. And nobody is helping me. 5 days. type 4 is working for nothing. Because I can't associate both apps


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