On the top part of the screen, air quality data for your area are displayed, if a PlanetWatch outdoor sensor is active in the area.


In the Sensors section you will find all your activated sensors, based on three categories:


Outdoor, where currently you can see your Airqino and Arianna sensors,

Indoor, where currently you can see your Kaiterra and AWAIR Element sensors,

Wearable, where currently you can see your Atmotube PRO sensor.

You can click on each sensor and get an overview of your device information (some of the fields below are only available for some types of sensors):


Last data: the last stream that your sensor sent to us;

Streams sent: the total amount of streams sent by you sensor;

Location: the location where you installed the sensor;

Local Score: the sensor reputation score in its current location; 

Qualifying days: the total number of qualifying days since you activated the sensor;

Status: Lead Sensor (L) or a Backup Sensor (B)

Hashgrid: the pixel where your sensor is located

Hashgrids visited: the number of pixels where your sensor has been located

License expiration: the expiration date of your license

Total rewards: the total amount of rewards that you earned with your sensor.

Please note that it is counted also the PlanetWatch 20%

Total score: the sum of the score of your sensor in all the visited pixels.


On the right corner of the Sensors section there is a “+” button: this is used to associate your licenses with your sensors. When you click on it, you will see all the licenses that you have purchased and their duration.


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  • Cosmin George Catrina

    Hi, when my license will expire i will be able to renew the license ?  thank you


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