PlanetWatch air quality API

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PlanetWatch’s API gives access to data gathered from our extensive hyperlocal network of sensors. These devices provide crucial air quality information aimed at fostering data-led problem-solving initiatives. Public and private institutions use our API to tackle air pollution challenges.

We provide access to our API with the goal of enhancing products and solutions with tailored air quality data:

  • Hyperlocal: all the data is gathered on a hyperlocal level to deliver reliable and accurate information.
  • Dense: we have an extensive network of sensors deployed in cities mainly across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.
  • Immutable: Algorand’s green blockchain technology enables a tamper-proof ledger, making the data 100% transparent and trustworthy.
  • Real-Time: the data is streamed in real-time to assure it can be relied on to thoroughly detect pollution hotspots and identify trends.
  • On-demand: we offer outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring packages including certified sensors, licenses, and on-demand deployment to set a new standard of air safety and public health.
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