Sensor Reputation System

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Each sensor is awarded a 100-point setup bonus the first time it is connected to the PlanetWatch network. The performance of each sensor in the network is assessed daily and a score is assigned as follows:

  • If the sensor has delivered more than 50% of the expected daily data streams, it is deemed qualifying and it earns one point;
  • If the sensor has failed to deliver more than 50% of the expected daily data streams, it is not qualifying and loses one point.

For Type 1 and Type 2 sensors, additional rules apply.

In each pixel, the Type 1 sensor which gets installed first and streams data for at least 30 qualifying days from that pixel is entitled to a 100-point Pioneer bonus. Likewise, the first five Type 2 sensors installed in each pixel earn the Pioneer bonus. 

These bonuses can only be earned once in a sensor’s lifetime, even if the sensor changes location.

For a given sensor, a Local Reputation Score applies in each pixel.

‼️ If a sensor is moved to a new location in another pixel, its Local Reputation Score in this new location starts at 0. Over time, it will earn reputation points in the new pixel or lose them.

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