My Airqino is not sending streams, what can I do?

  • Updated

If your Airqino sensor is not sending data to the PlanetWatch Network please, check if:

  • you've verified your account
  • the Airqino power supply light is on
  • the Airqino led light is on 
  • the Troubleshooting in the Explorer is warning you about an error that needs to be fixed


➤ If the power supply LED or the Airqino LED are not on, please submit a ticket in the "Airqino Support" section. 

➤ If the Airqino is properly powered and you see an error in the Explorer, please follow the steps suggested by the Troubleshooting to solve the problem. After solving the problem, restart the sensor and wait for an hour. If the sensor keep not sending data to the PlanetWatch network, please submit a ticket.

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