Atmotube PRO sensor activation

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First of all you need to download and install:

➤  the official Atmotube App for iOS and or for Android

➤ the PlanetWatch Wearable App for iOS or for Android



Switch on your phone Bluetooth and GPS and open the official Atmotube App

You will be prompted to connect to your Atmotube PRO. Click the Connect button and allow the Atmotube App to access your device location.

In order to let your sensor function properly:

  • set your phone Bluetooth and GPS in the mode “Allow all the time
  • in the PlanetWatch Wearable App go in Settings-> particulate matter -> mode -> Always on

After running through the calibration procedure, air quality data will soon appear on your Atmotube App screen.

⚠︎ Please note that If the Atmotube App prompts you to update your firmware device you need to do it. It is recommended to keep the device’s firmware updated, either by regularly checking firmware updates on the app or by regularly updating when updates are available.



  • Close the Atmotube PRO App.  

If you are using an Android phone, be sure to tap on the Atmotube icon in your notification bar and select STOP.



  • open the PlanetWatch Wearable App
  • click on the Access icon and insert your email address

⚠︎ Make sure you use the same email address that you used when you purchased the license. 

  •  follow the steps to create your Algorand account. The PlanetWatch Wearable App will create a new wallet and automatically initialize in it the Planets Token, the license and sensor assets

⚠︎ Important notice! Always back up your passphrase. If you forget your passphrase, your Planets will be lost

  •  Create a PIN for the PlanetWatch Wearable App. Please note that you can’t insert 0 as the first digit for your PIN.

→ If you will then need to change your PIN, you can do it on the MySensor section of the Explorer by clicking on the sensor, then on “Update PIN” in the sensor board.


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