Type 1 rewards policy

  • Updated

Type 1 max daily rewards as defined in the White Paper depend on multiple factors, namely where and when you deploy the sensors, its long-term performance and the overall size of the network. 

If your sensor is in a Tier 1 pixel (densely populated area), it earns more than in a Tier 2 one, all other things being equal (you can learn how to check your Tier in this article

If your sensor has Lead status, it earns more than a Backup one. Lead status depends both on when you activated your sensor and on its performance over time (read the White Paper)

Saturation daily rewards will eventually decline for all types of sensors, because when the number of sensors gets large, the annual reward budget can no longer accommodate the max daily reward rates. However, the decline will initially be strongly mitigated via tokens set aside (read the recycle bin) when the network was smaller.


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