Create an Algorand Wallet in the PlanetWatch App

  • Updated

In order to create a wallet in the PlanetWatch App you first need to login or Sign Up the App. 

‼️ Remember that the wallet will be associated with the email address that you used to login or sign up in the PlanetWatch App

  • Click on the “Wallets” section and then on the “+” button
  • choose “Create a New Account” and insert a name for your wallet

⚠︎ Ensure that you back up the passphrase, since this is the only way to recover your Algorand Account 

  • verify the passphrase selecting the word as requested by the App.
  • in the Wallets section of the PlanetWatch App, you can also add the Planets asset to your wallet. You can do this by clicking on the corresponding button “add PLANET”.

Please note that you need to have the required amount of Algo in order to add the Planets asset. 

  • in the Wallets section of the PlanetWatch App you can also see all the assets added in your account.
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