Why does the PlanetWatch Wearable App always show “Reconnecting”’?

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If the PlanetWatch App shows you “Reconnecting”, you need to be sure to have followed these steps:

  • set the “Always on mode in the Atmotube App particulate settings

→ In the Atmotube App click on Settings-> particulate matter -> mode -> Always on

  • close and stop the Atmotube App before you open the PlanetWatch Wearable App;
  • keep the PlanetWatch Wearable App always open.

→ Only on Android devices, you keep it always open but in the background


If the previous steps don’t solve the problem, you can try to:

  • move away from other devices (e.g. routers)
  • place the Atmotube PRO 2/3 meters away from you;
  • change the date and time of your device:
  • restart your device.


If the previous steps do not solve the problem, be sure to check your phone settings and the permissions for:

  • battery optimization
  • screen limitation (night mode, eye care, blue light filter)
  • GPS limitation
  • Wi-Fi limitation
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