How to associate a license with the Atmotube (only for Early Birds)

  • Updated

If you activated an Atmotube PRO before the PlanetWatch Wearable App was released, make sure that your license is associated with your sensor.

  • Login or Sign Up the PlanetWatch App, then import in the "Wallets" section, the wallet created by the PlanetWatch Wearable App with the 25 passphrase
  • In the “Wearable” tab of the PlanetWatch App Sensors section, you will see a ⚠︎ red warning sign near the Atmotube PRO icon. This means that a sensor has a problem that needs to be fixed




  • click on the sensor icon and then on the “Fix it now” button below the red warning sign and follow the steps to solve the problem.




  • select the Type 4 license and select your device XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX. 
  • select the wallet associated with your Atmotube PRO and enter location details.
  • click on the “proceed” button and your license NFTs will be created.
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