How to vote for a Governance vote on the PlanetWatch App

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The requirements to vote are:

  • hold a registered PlanetWatch account to which at least one sensor is connected
  • hold a reloaded wallet in the App, with at least 0.102 Algos available for voting operations (0.101 Algos are spent to initialize the special token used for the vote and 0.001 Algos are spent for the transaction delivering your vote)

 ⚠︎ It is mandatory to hold at least 0.1 Algos on deposit in your wallet for each asset you own.

Voting process:

  • first you need to login or Sign Up in the PlanetWatch App then click on the button requesting you to participate in the vote in the App Homepage.
  • choose the wallet where you want to receive your voting tokens
  • once you receive the voting tokens, choose one of the options. All your voting tokens will be sent to the specified address of the option selected.

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