Activate and associate a license with a sensor

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In order to activate a license, you first need to import or create at least one wallet in the Wallets Section of the PlanetWatch App.

→ If your sensor is already activated, you need to create or import the wallet associated with your sensor.

‼️ All wallets are stored securely in your smartphone. If you logout and login with different emails, all wallets are cleared. PlanetWatch has no access to your wallets.


Please follow the instructions to activate each sensor’s Type:


Sensedge Mini

Atmotube PRO

The activation process can take up to two minutes, please wait patiently without pressing any buttons on your phone.



How to insert the sensor location

You can insert the location during your sensor’s association with your license.

Please, pay attention to the location details. We’ll periodically check your location and data sent by your device. If we find a mismatch, our system might ban your device and rewards would not be credited to your account.

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