How can I activate a license renewal?

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In order to renew your license you first need to get the corresponding renewal Type.

  • Login to the PlanetWatch App
  • within 30 days before your current license expires (or if it has already expired), you will see a ⚠︎ red triangle near the corresponding sensor icon
  • click on the sensor and then click on “Fix it now
  1. choose the license extension that you want to add to your sensor and then confirm your selection by clicking on “Yes
  2. if you have not purchased a license renewal yet , you will be redirected to PlanetWatch’s license renewal e-commerce webpage. Select the license renewal that you want in the PlanetWatch e-commerce website where your country is listed and complete the purchase. 
  • update the sensor page on the PlanetWatch App and follow the procedure described above.


➤You can only activate your license renewal if the current license has already expired or is one month away from expiring.

You cannot add multiple license renewals at once to your current license. You need to activate one at a time: either when the previous one has already expired or is one month away from expiring.

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