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Stream count: real time updated data collected and archived from the PlanetWatch sensors network. 

Circulating Supply: total number of tokens that are publicly tradable via exchanges.  

Total Supply: max number of tokens that are in existence, defined in the White Paper.

Minted Supply: the total number of tokens that was sent for the rewards.

Planet Price: the current price of the Planet Token, based on CoinGecko. 

Total Sensors: number of the sensors currently connected to the PlanetWatch network. They are also displayed for sensor Type.

Weekly minting: amount of Planet minted in the last week.


Recycle Bin Tab: as it is set in our White Paper, the daily Planets that are not rewarded, are stored in the Recycle Bin. Once the saturation of a sensor’s Type occurs, the Planets are taken from its recycle bin until it is emptied.

The Recycle Bin data is updated once a day before we start sending the daily rewards. 

The number displayed could be:

  • Red: this means that the number of Planets displayed were taken from the Recycle Bin;
  • Green: this means that the number of Planets displayed were added to the Recycle Bin).

You can click on the arrow on each Recycle Bin to check the Algorand Wallet related to that specific Recycle Bin.


Sensor Tab: 7 best sensors, based on the number of streams sent to the PlanetWatch Network. It is also displayed the number of tiles (geohash) that the sensor visited and the last stream sent. 

Top Holders: 5 pages with the top 100 wallets.

Latest Transactions: last 7 transactions sent. How it is written in the White Paper, the sensor’s measurements are permanently written on the blockchain

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