How to change the wallet associated with a sensor

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In order to change the wallet associated with your sensor you need to:

  • login or Sign Up the PlanetWatch App 
  • import the wallet where you want to move the sensor in the Wallets section
  • in the Sensors section click on the sensor to which you want to change the wallet
  • click on the three dots in the right corner and on “Change Wallet
  • choose the new wallet and click on “Save




➤ You can’t move the sensor in a wallet if that wallet is already associated with a different email address.

➤ Before changing the wallet associated with your sensor, make sure that in your new wallet you have enough Algo to initialize the license and sensor assets. PlanetWatch sends the Algos needed to initialize them only one time per license.

Be sure to initialize the Planets token in the new wallet.

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