How to purchase a discount voucher

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In order to purchase a discount voucher, you first need to login or Sign Up in the Explorer.

  • In the left side menu, select the “Vouchers” section underneath “Marketplace” 
  • Add the number of license vouchers needed to the cart - each costs 100 PW:Credit tokens

⚠︎ Be cautious to select the correct voucher for .io or .us depending on where your sensors are registered.

  • accept the T&C pop-up and click on “Go to cart”.
  • review all the items in your cart. You can delete them by selecting “Remove from cart”. In case you want to add additional items, go back to the “Vouchers” tab and add them.
  • If the items in your cart are correct, click “Order now” on the bottom right corner.
  • In order to pay, you need to choose an AlgoWallet connected via PeraWallet – please keep in mind that this must be the wallet containing your PW:Credit tokens. If you need to import the wallet on Pera Wallet website, you can check this video guide.
  • A confirmation of the transaction will then be asked. As soon as that is signed off in PeraWallet, your purchase is complete. 
  • You can see your order in the “MyVoucher Order” tab in the MyVoucher section.
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