How can I redeem my tree?

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You first need to create your account on and then you can insert your redeem code to get your tree. 

 → you can learn how to redeem your code in this article.



On your Treedom user profile, you can find: 

  • Your personal information (name, photo, number of trees and CO2 absorbed over 10 years)
  • Map showing all your trees
  • List of all your trees divided into owned trees, gifted trees, and followed trees
  • Special badges, which are awarded based on your activity


On your tree page, you can find:

  • Current weather conditions in the country of planting and day/night cycle
  • Your tree’s background (which company planted it, which forest it belongs to and who received it as a gift)
  • Your tree’s information (name – it is customizable, geographical coordinates, birthdate, CO2 absorbed over 10 years, etc.)
  • Tree Diary, which contains all the updates on your tree (stories and articles related to the project your tree belongs to, interviews with farmers or stories about their life, curiosities about the tree species and stories from Treedom’s forestry team while visiting projects)
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